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Spenser runs both the Trash Dump and the Trash for Treasure shop.

Spenser says: What is this page, you ask? If you haven't noticed the stench (I am a ghost, I cannot smell) this is a trash dump where you can get rid of items that are NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU. Then you can trade in your shit points.. err I mean trash points here at my shop Trash for Treasure because I sell really awesome things, like Breeding Coins, you noobs. Anyway, as for the crap below, each item you click on will be trashed for as many points as they are rare, fool.

-- From Aywas Trash Dump

The Trash Dump is a feature which allows normal players to trade in 100 of any item each day and premium players to trade in unlimited items every day in exchange for trash points that can be used in the Trash for Treasure shop.

Notably, the amount of trash points an item is worth is directly proportional to its rarity. R10 items are worth 1 trash point each and R100 items are worth 10 trash points each. Admin Distributed items are worth worth 11 points each. This means that the most trash points a (non premium) player can obtain in a single day is 1100.

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