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Item and BP grant for May 2011
Premium is a subscription based account upgrade that can be purchased for Gold Paws under (Shop > Purchase Gold Paws). Premium was introduced to Aywas on October 23rd, 2009. It grants various small perks around the site as well as a monthly item, and helps support the cost of servers & staff for Aywas. While Premium is bought in months, it actually grants the corresponding number of days; thus, buying it on the 20th of the month will make it expire approximately in 30 days, NOT at the end of the month. The monthly payout was increased from 10,000 BP to 50k-100k BP in May of 2011.


Premium Settings

Forum related features can be enabled through Account > Settings > Edit Account. Some users have reported the inability to see custom font colors defined without hex code (i.e. "blue" or "red") so it's recommended that hex values are used (such as 003399). There are three available font sizes and two font styles (bold and italic) available in addition. The Forum Signature takes standard HTML code such as <center> <a href=""> and can hold text, graphics and/or links.


  • One Month - 5 GP
  • Three Months - 8 GP
  • Six Months - 12 GP
  • One Year - 20 GP

The ability to purchase a Premium subscription for a friend was added on August 13, 2012. [1]

Premium Features

Special Item & 50k to 100k BP once a month November 1, 2011
Premium Trophy on User Profile April 14, 2011
Signature for the Forums January 18, 2011
Premium title under account name in the Forums
Ability to change post background to silver
Ability to change post font colour and style
Double daily Flash Game limit (six plays instead of three) January 18, 2011
10% discount in the Cash Shop (6+ month upgrades only) (glitched, all premium users get the discount)
Occasional Beta testing of new site features December 3, 2009
Unlimited trash dumping April 15, 2011
Daily Geode for Premium Points/Premium Outlet May 2, 2011

Past Premium Monthly Items

Month 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
January None Silver Seeds Raw Metal Crystal Egg Timer Mysterious Light Box Essence of January 2014
February None Bottled Spring Grocery Bag Loving Groundhog Lovegram Box
March None Unknown Raw Metal Crystal Essence of March 2012
April None Bottled Spring Derp Breeding Coin Essence of April 2012 Sakura Wardrobe
May None May 2010 Petbox Metal Breeding Coin Travel Pack Master Key
June None Awesome Potion Plush Series 4 Box Light Bloom Wardrobe Building Boards
July None TV Dinner Plush Series 6 Box Kiddie Pool Name Tag
August None Aynip Scroll of Transportation Picnic Basket X-Ray Goggles
September None Gold Shard A Bottomless Trunk Bubbling DNA Bow Hair Hairbrush
October None Essence of October 2010 Amorphous Talisman Autumn Wardrobe Mystery Bag
November Bottled Autumn Essence of November 2010 Essence of November 2011 Magic Journal 50lb Bag of Aynip
December Leaf Harmonica Basic Stocking Decorated Phoenix Tree 3 Boxes Cart of Geodes
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