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Scavenger Hunt has been set this year to August 4th through August 11th.

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Bot Busting Update - We've got some new tools to stop the spam influx that has been plaguing the Recent Changes page, thanks to the efforts of Shadow. New accounts must now be confirmed before they are allowed to edit the Wiki - Toss a PM at Gray (#14978) and she'll get you on the VIP list lickety-split. This does not affect existing accounts. Please provide your Aywas Username/ID on the form, not your real name! We don't need to know who you are in real life, just that you are a member of Aywas. n_n

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Featured Article

The Pandashark, an example of a Scav Silver species from July 2012.
A Scav Silver is a SCC species whose lineart has been released for free use to the Aywas Community in conjunction with a Scavenger Hunt, usually as one of the tasks. Scav Silvers can be made with Gold, Blue, or Metal Scav Paint, though the January 2011 set may only be made with Gold, as the other two varieties did not exist at the time those lines were released.
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