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An Item is anything which resides in a player's Inventory. There are many types of items, including Food, Human Avatar Clothing, Fauna, Explore Equipment, Collectables, and more. The value of items varies hugely, depending on the item's function and scarcity (not to be confused with Rarity, which is site-assigned.) Scarcity refers to how many of any individual item exist. Things like Favor From Tak, Breeding Pendant, or Slashbot are valuable because they have very desirable functions and are extremely scarce.

Every item has a Rarity, which is a good general indication of how common or rare that particular type of item is. However, it is always advisable to look up an item's value in the Shop Search before pricing it for sale. Most items are sold through a player's User Shop, though extremely rare/sought after items tend to show up in the Item Sales section of the Forums instead, often in user-run Auctions.

Custom Items

Like Custom pets, items can also be added to Aywas by users. This requires a Custom Item Package, which can be exchanged for one custom Food, Fauna or Collectable type item drawn to the player's specification. Custom items may be publicly released or private, at the option of the player. The description of a custom item will include a line with the creator's name and ID number.

Exchange Items

Certain items are used as a form of currency to purchase specific pets or other items in the Seasonal Shop, Metalsmithing Shop, or Annoying Item Bazaar. See Exchange Items for a complete list.

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