Grave Robber

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Grave Robber
Link Grave Robber
Type Flash-Based
Cost Free
Plays Per Day 3 per day
Release Date Unknown
Reward BP (Score x1)
Grave Robber game window

Grave robber is a game on Aywas. The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible by matching the pictures generated on the bottom row with the game board. As this is a flash-based game, Premium players get the ability to send six scores a day instead of three.

How to play

The game should be played with the mouse or trackpad, and the main goal is to rob the graves by clicking on them when the matching item is shown in the bottom row. It is not necessary to click on the bottom row pictures (as most matching games) - only those in the 6x6 playing grid. You start with sixteen candles, which can be lit one at a time by clicking on the orange candle at the bottom right. Lighting a candle generates six random items and/or NPC's in the bottom row, and puts ten seconds on the clock. In those ten seconds, you have to click on the graves with the same picture as the bottom line. The items generated by the candles will not always have a corresponding match in the game board above, but if they are present, will always be in the column they appear below. When there are no more matches, a window will pop up with "No graves found with results." If that window does not appear, there are still more matches to be found on the game board.

Each grave robbed gives you +500 points, clearing a whole row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) gives you an extra +3,000 points (500 points for each space). If you get a poor score, you don't have to send it - simply hit "Play Again" to try for a better one.


Since clearing whole rows gives the greatest number of points, your Desmond wild cards should be put towards that goal. The corner spaces and the squares along the two diagonals are the most valuable to clear as they can score in any of three possible rows. At the same time, clearing rows early on in the game carries the greater risk of Kaz wiping out half the points (sometimes repeatedly). Early candles should be spent trying to clear out as many lines as possible without taking out the final item. Once you are down to only a few candles remaining, try to clear as many rows as possible. There is of course a lot of luck involved with this game, since you cannot control what items you get to match - the strategy lies only in your use of Desmond's ability to match any item.

NPC Events

Non-Playable Characters (NPC's) serve as random events for the Grave Robber game. There are four currently which can appear, all with different effects.

  • Zave Adds one candle (game turn)
  • Desmond Wild Card - matches any item in his column.
  • Kaz Reduces current Score by half. (Ouch.)
  • Shoe Adds +150 points to your Score

While it is very frustrating to get Kaz late in the game, wiping out a lot of your points, this is the way the game was designed to work. Without it, Grave Robber would represent a huge daily influx of BP into the economy. slash has said repeatedly that Kaz's effect in Grave Robber will not be changed, though it has been requested many times, for the sake of game balance.

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