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GP Shop

Link GP Shop
Shopkeeper Chaos
Goods Pets, Breeding Items, Magic Items
Stock Unlimited
Rotation Seasonal
Currency GP
Release Date Unknown

Chaos says: Hello! Welcome to the Cash Shop - this is where you can spend those Gold Paws you bought with real money. Kaz usually runs the store, but he's being a little silly and doesn't want to do it anymore. So, here I am!

The Cash Shop only accepts Gold Paws as currency. Many of the most desirable items are found here, and special items are usually stocked for the holidays. A few sets of Cash Shop Custom Clothing have also been sold in the Cash Shop.

The Cash Shop was renamed to GP Shop on August 28, 2012, to better reflect its purpose and avoid confusion. Actual cash is not required to buy the items in this shop, since GP can be obtained by trading with other players.

Item Stock

Current Pet Stock

June 2013

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