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Art Gallery
Link Art Gallery
Type Browser-Based
Cost Free
Plays Per Day If got accepted in a month, no submission until next month is recommended.
Release Date May 2, 2011 [9]
Reward 1 SP and a random desirable item

The Art Gallery was released on May 2, 2011 [10]. In this feature, you can submit Aywas-related artwork. Every week on Sunday, six favorite works of art from the submissions will be selected and displayed on the page. The prize always includes 1 SP and a random desirable item.

Theme Date & News Post related Prize besides 1 SP
July Themes
Pets as Items July 27th - August 2nd [] Prize
Adventure Battles* July 20th - July 26th [] Prize
An Aywas Garden July 13th - July 19th [] Prize
Tattoos July 6th - July 12th [] Prize
June Themes
Lemonade Stands June 29th - July 5th [] [[]]
Aywas Nightlife* June 22nd - June 28th [] [[]]
Pets as NPCs June 15th - June 21st [11] Hatching Teo Egg
Friday the 13th June 8th - June 14th [12] Random Vion Potion
Fishing June 1st - June 7th [13] Tsunami Water
May Themes
Background Mash-ups May 25th - June 2nd [14] Edit Potion
Tea Parties May 18th - May 24th [15] Life Seed
Raw Genera* May 11th - May 17th [16] Antiquity Stave
Mobile Mock-up May 4th - May 10th [17] Scroll of Transportation
April Themes
Exercise April 28th - May 4th [18] Vial of the Battle Soul
Bugs/Glitches April 20th - Apirl 27th [19] Robotics Kit
Easter* April 13th - Apirl 19th [20] Golden Basket Charm
Art Nouveau style April 6th - Apirl 12th [21] Fertility Potion
March Themes part 1 & Part 2
Derp March 3Oth - April 5th [22] Blood Filtering Kit
Stamps March 23rd - March 29th [23] Custom Item Package
Spring Cleaning* March 16th - March 22nd [24] Master key
Design a Pet Toy March 9th - March 15th [25] Celestial Valkyrie Trunk
Mardi Gras March 2nd - March 10th [26] Glittering Potion
February Themes part 1 & Part 2
Forum Titles February 23rd - March 1st [27] Raw Blue Crystal
Pointillism February 16th - February 22nd [28] Painted Gold
Valentine's Day* February 9th - February 15th [29] Painted Lesser Breeding Coin
Comics February 2nd - February 8th [30] Disappearing Ink
2014 January Themes part 1 & Part 2
Miksa's Exotic Pet Emporium January 26th - February 3rd [31] Incubator
Opening a Locked Chest January 19th - January 25th [32] Master key
Recreate an Aywas edible January 12th - January 18th [33] Grocery Bag
Egg Hatching January 5th - January 11th [34] Glittering Rock
2013 December Themes part 1 & Updated list
New Year December 29th - January 6th [35] Glittering Rock
Holiday Cards December 22nd - December 28th [36] Holiday Silver Potion
Seasons* December 15th - December 21st [37] Wrapped Crystal
Feast December 8th - December 14th [38] Gold Koaf Pan
Business Cards December 1st - December 7th [39] Elaborate Present
2013 November Themes changed to Revised List [1]
Comic Strips November 3rd - November 16th [40] Love Story
2013 October Themes
Halloween* October 27th - November 2nd [41] Evil Breeding Coin
Vegetable Carving October 20th - October 26th [42] Grocery Bag
Design an Aywas Candy October 13th - October 19th [43] Chocolate Pet Cookie Package
Teatime with Aywas October 6th - October 12th [44] Mini Fridge
2013 September Themes
Paper Dolls September 29th - October 5th [45] Day of the Dead Boy Trunk
Tin Foil Sculptures September 22nd - September 28th [46] Tiny Silver Potion
Postcard* September 15th - September 21st [47] Artist Ticket
Aywas Extreme Stick Figures September 8th - September 16th [48] Edit Potion
Apple Festival! September 1st - September 7th [49] Decorated Phoenix Tree
2013 August Themes
Back to School August 25th - August 31st [50] Sky Angelic Trunk
New NPCs* August 18th - August 24th [51] A Bottomless Trunk
Fake Aywas Videogame Screenshots August 11th - August 17th [52] Mind Control Helmet
Design an Aywas Print Pattern August 4th - August 10th [53] Bronze Custom Crystal
2013 July Themes
Building Block Creations* July 28th - August 3rd [54] Scroll of Transportation
Jewelry July 21st - July 27th [55] Blue Orb Talisman
Adventure Dioramas July 14th - July 20th [56] Leaf Harmonica
Aywas at the beach!* July 7th - July 13th [57] Antiquity Stave
Bacon! June 30th - July 6th [58] Grocery Bag
2013 June Themes Part I , Part II & Part III
Papercraft June 23rd - June 29th [59] Raw Blue Crystal
Father's Day June 16th - June 22nd [60] Greater Fertility Potion
Create an Aywas-themed Cocktail/Beverage* June 9th - June 15th [61] Mini Fridge
Aywas (NPC) shop/store layouts June 2nd - June 8th [62] Price Helper
2013 May Themes
Sidewalk Chalk Art May 26th - June 1st [63] Life Seed
Real Life Pet Dress-up* May 19th - May 25th [64] Silver Potion
Design a Book Cover May 12th - May 18th [65] Raw Gold Crystal
Mother's Day! May 5th - May 11th [66] Lesser Breeding Coin
2013 April Themes
Karaoke April 28th - May 4th [67] Bronze Custom Crystal
Ara Backgrounds* April 14th - April 20th [68] Vion Seeds
Your Lair April 14th - April 20th [69] Metal Hybrid Crystal
Fools April 7th - April 13th [70] Bottle of Vampire Glitter
2013 March Themes
Fools March 31st - April 6th [71] Glittering Potion
Spring Cleaning March 24th - March 30th [72] Artist Ticket
March for a Cause March 17th - March 23rd [73] Custom Item Package
Luck* March 10th - March 16th [74] Antiquity Stave
DIY Craft March 3rd - March 9th [75] Edit Potion
2013 February Themes [2]
Varied Themes:

(Puzzle Games,

Make a Friend,

Valentine's Day,

Fruit and/or Candy Sculptures,

An Aywas Wedding)

January 27th - March 2nd [76] Silver Potion
2013 January Themes
Bath time for Aywas pets! January 20th - January 26th [77] Raw Gold Crystal
Vynes as Houseplants January 13th - January 19th [78] Custom Item Package
Oatmeal Creations January 6th - January 12th [79] Life Seed
2012 December Themes
New Years Around the Aywas World December 30th - January 5th [80] Nova Custom Crystal
Christmas Morning* December 23rd- December 29th [81] Elaborate Present
Holiday Lane December 16th- December 22nd [82] Christmas Tree
Festive Food

(actual food/baked goods only!)

December 9th- December 15th [83] Random Breeding Coin
Snowball Fights! December 5th-December 8th [84] Wrapped Crystal
2012 November Themes
Thankful Pets November 25th - December 1st [85] Glittering Rock
Cornucopias November 18th - November 24th [86] Grocery Bag
Writers November 13th - November 17th [87] Blue Antiquity Stave
Guy Fawkes Night in Aywas November 4th - November 12th [88] Chocolate Pet Cookie Package
2012 October Themes
Too much Halloween candy! October 28th - November 3rd [89] Chocolate Pet Cookie Package
Pumpkin Carving October 22th - October 28th [90] Blue Crystal Talisman
Haunted Landscapes October 14th - October 22th [91] Bottle of Vampire Glitter
Spooky Pets October 7th - October 14th [92] Ghost Chocolates
2012 September Themes
Make Aywas a birthday cake!* September 30th - October 7th [93] Gold Antiquity Stave
Baby Pets September 23rd - September 30th [94] Lesser Breeding Coin
Finns September 17th - September 23rd [95] Random Finn Potion
Adventure Events! September 9th - September 17th [96] Raw Blue Crystal
2012 August Themes
Paleos August 26th - September 9th [97] Metal Hybrid Crystal
Ara and Ay Landscapes* August 22nd - August 26th [98] Artist Ticket
Ay Universe August 12th - August 22nd [99] Jar of Sparkles
2012 May Themes [3] [4]
Pottery/Clay Sculptures May 21st - May 27th [100] [3] Custom Crystal Grab Bag
Lunaris May 6th - May 21st [101] Jar of Sparkles, Bottled Cosmos, Bottled Moonlight, Bottled Starlight
2012 April Themes Part I & Part II
Kites April 29th - May 6th [102] Artist Ticket
Earth Day* April 22nd - April 29th [103] Honeycomb
Aywas Food April 15th - April 22nd [104] Golden Basket Charm
Scrapbook Pet Page April 8th - April 15th [105] Glittering Potion
Easter April 1st - April 8th [106] Artist Ticket
Wibbits March 25th - April 1st [107] Glittering Potion
2012 March Themes
Spring* March 18th - March 25th [108] Breedable Potion
Fauna March 11th - March 18th [109] Raw Gold Crystal
Robots March 4th - March 11th [110] Robotics Kit
Battledome February 26th - March 4th [111] Silver Potion
2012 January & February Themes part 1 & part 2
Serruls February 20th - February 26th [112] Gold Custom Crystal
Valentine's Day* February 16th - February 20th [113] Glittering Skull
Famine February 6th - February 16th [114] Chocolate Pet Cookie Package
Aywas Jewelry January 31st - February 6th [115] Metal Breeding Talisman
Enchanted Forest January 22nd - January 30th [116] Bronze Orb Talisman
2011 December Themes
New Year December 25th - January 1st [117] Holiday Raw Crystal
Gift Giving* December 18th - December 25th [118] Holiday Rare Potion
Ornaments December 11th - December 18th [119] Pile of Gifts
Holiday Cookies December 4th - December 11th [120] Hybrid Custom Crystal
Winter Wonderland November 27th - December 4th [121] Silver Custom Crystal
2011 November Themes
Thanksgiving* November 20th - November 27th [122] Edit Potion
Wood Carvings/Sculptures November 13th - November 20th [123] Robotics Kit
Autumn in Ay November 6th - November 13th [124] Silver Potion
Pets in Costumes October 30th - November 6th [125] Bronze Crystal Talisman
2011 October Themes
Halloween* October 23rd - October 30th [126] Orange Crystal Talisman
Gift Art

(draw someone's custom)

October 16th - October 23rd [127] Gold Orb Talisman
NPCs October 9th - October 16th [128] Blue Crystal Talisman
Breeding on Aywas October 2nd - October 9th [129] Evil Breeding Coin
2011 September Themes
Aywas' 2nd Birthday* September 25th - October 2nd [130] Undead Potion
Photography September 18th - September 25th [131] Gold Custom Crystal
Black and White Traditional Ink Pictures September 11th - September 18th [132] Hybrid Custom Crystal

(One page)

September 4th - September 11th [133] Celestial Talisman
2011 August Themes
Computer 3-D Modeling August 28th - September 4th [134] Gold Custom Crystal
Sculptures August 21st - August 28th [135] Breedable Potion
Visual Poetry August 14th - August 21st [136] Gold Paintbrushes
Graphics design August 7th - August 14th [137] Greater Fertility Potion
Word Art July 31st - August 7th [138] Vion Seeds
2011 July Themes
Pencil Sketches* July 25th - July 31st [139] Breeding Coin Package;

Overall winner: Copic Markers

Pixel Art July 17th - July 25th [140] Silver Custom Crystal
Scav Hunt* July 10th - July 17th [141] Gold Scav Paint
Breeding Coins and Hybrids July 3rd - July 10th [142] Breeding Coin Package
The Aywas Landscapes June 26th - July 3rd [143] Hybrid Package
2011 June Themes
Food Art June 19th - June 26th [144] Silver Custom Crystal
Plush Stitchings and Knittings (Handmade) June 12th - June 19th [145] Magic Chemistry Set
Caeks Pais and Cookies (Baked Goods) June 5th - June 12th [146] Hybrid Potion
Traditional Artwork May 29th - June 5th [147] Unknown
2011 May Themes
Paleo Artwork May 22nd - May 29th [148] Hybrid Custom Crystal
Opterix May 15th - May 21st [149] Unknown
Lunaris Day May 8th - May 15th [150] Bottled Starlight; Moonlight; Cosmos
Open theme May 2nd - May 8th [151] Hybrid Custom Crystal
  1. According to the news on Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:01pm "The Art Gallery for today is being extended since we had a busy week!"[1]
  2. On February 3rd, 2013 the site had a database/server crash which lasted until February 7th 2013. Some of the site date was lost in the database/server crash. So February's Art Gallery plans got messed up as staff had to deal with all the lost data. However in the end they merged all of the February themes together. [2][3][4][5][6]
  3. 3.0 3.1 According to these articles the Art Gallery was broken/glitched for a few months. [7] [8]
  4. Due to the Glitch in the Art Gallery the contest for May 27th - June 3rd: Paleos was moved to August 26th - September 1st.
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